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Modern professional radiation control equipment


Scientific Technological Center “YAFI” was founded in 1995 at the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics Division of NGOs “Radium Institute of VG Khlopin”. In 2008 after the reforms in Russian atomic industry it was recognized into Joint Stock Company. Now the center belongs to State Corporation “Rosatom” and is a part of the Corporation’s nuclear power complex. 

JSC “YAFI” is one of the leading developers in the construction and development areas of innovative and cost effective professional radiation control equipment.

JSC “YAFI”’s earned reputation for high quality, affordability, reliability, durability, and long term support are well known and highly respected within each of the markets it currently serves. The scientific, engineering and production departments are constantly working on the development of the production basing on scientific and technical achievements.  


Today JSC “YAFI” is

  • modern innovative and scientifically intensive business that meets all world-wide and European management standards
  • provider of high-technology equipment for global innovative markets


Business relation development and customers support.

JSC “YAFI” is always interested in hearing about customers’ needs and inquires that work best both ways.  The company provides its customers with training radiation equipment and training support.

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